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Chella. 21. I have moved, this blog is no longer active! For details and directives on where to find me now, please check the links below. Thank you! <3


The text post about the move is here.

And my multifandom / personal blog is here.

Thank you!

Important(ish) Blog Notice?

Hey guys! I wrote a long meandering useless word-vomit text post that no one wants to read, so let me just scrap all that and get to the useful bullet points bit :D

klaine + blaine being the biggest and most devoted kurt stan of them all

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Mobio Insider Q&A - March 21, 2014
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

What can you tell us about what lies ahead for Blaine in New York City?

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Read it. 

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Mercedes Jones Through the Season  Episode 1